Consumer Health Perspectives Vol. VI No. 3 April 1979

A HEALTH SYSTEM IN CRISIS NEW YORK CITY 1979 Pub. April 1979; CRISIS HEALTH PLANNING A TEST for P.L. 93-641 (Donald Rubin); THE MYTH OF EXCESS BEDS (Zita Feron); REDUCING BEDS: A GAINSHARING OPTION (Alan Brownstein); CONSUMERS ORGANIZE TO SAVE VOLUNTARIES, MUNICIPALS; Housestaff Doctors Fight Service Cutbacks; Local Union Hazard Control Handbook (Order Form); THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COALITION FOR A RATIONAL HEALTH POLICY FOR NEW YORK CITY [includes a Preamble and Statement of Principles] (Samuel Wolfe, M.D., Dr. PH.,); NAACP, OTHERS, RAISE LEGAL QUESTIONS

This issue revealed the importance of the meeting between Symuel Smith and Letha Catlett and Donald Rubin and Edward T. Gluckmann in the early 1970’s which led to the formation of CCAHS. Each person at that meeting saw the handwriting on the wall: A NYC-provider secret plan devoid of any consumer participation to eliminate the City Of New York’s Department of Hospitals assets by first converting them to assets of the Health and Hospital Corporation (HHC) a quasi-public agency and then selling or giving those assets of the People to private sector hospitals had now turned full circle. There were many other people and organizations ready to fight this plan. So in this issue, the battle was joined. In the end, Mayor Ed Koch realized that on this issue his “I don’t think so.” remark had been absconded by the very People he came to despise.

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