The contributors and presenters were persons of exceptional integrity, knowledge and support of the efforts of CCAHS to increase consumer participation in matters of health.

They came from all walks of life, each bringing life and work experiences which were invaluable.

But the truly exceptional persons who contributed or presented were the ‘real’ consumers whose lack of knowledge and skills were easily, even overwhelmingly, compensated by dedication to the cause of health consumerism. A few, especially the Zita Ferons and Judy Wesslers, could claim no special credentials so important in the pecking order of professional, institutions of education and medical schools and other health facilities. Yet, they could make contributions from the “consumers'” perspective, which was sorely lacking, even among those dedicated professionals who had advanced degrees and credentials in public health, education, and delivery of health care.

It was a two way street of exchange. It worked. We thank them all.

Unfortunately, over the period since CCAHS’s cessation of publications, a few names cannot be associated with any specific title, degree, organization or membership. CCAHS welcomes any information you should have which would enhance this list.


(Listed alphabetically by last name.)

BALDINGER, Irving was Senior Vice President, American Benefits Plan Administrators.

BANTA, David, M.D. was Senior Medical Advisor, National Center for Health Services, DHEW.

BEYER, Henry A, was Interim Director, Boston University, School of Law, Center for Law and Health Sciences. He contributed a letter to the editor in Health Perspectives, Vol. IX, No. 3 February 1983.

BOGUE, Ted was staff Attorney, Public Citizen Health Research Group, Washington, D.C.

BOWER, Paula was the President of the Presbyterian Hospital Community Health Council and contributed as a guest editor in Health Perspectives, Vol. VIII, No. 5.

BROWNSTEIN, Alan, M.P.H., M.S. W. was the Assistant Director of the Department for the Community Services Society and held several other positions during his tenure with CCAHS including Executive Director of the National Hemophilia Foundation and Director of the Council of Home Health Agencies.

BUXBAUM, Joel N., M.D. was Associate Professor of Medicine New York University School of Medicine.

CARPENTER, Joseph was Administrator, Welfare and Pension Funds, Local 259, United Auto Workers and Chairperson of the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH).

DELGUERCIO, M.D. was Professor and Chairman of the New York Medical College, Department of Surgery.

DILLON, Barbara B. M.S. was a Health Education Consultant in the Health and Safety Division, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York City.

DOBKIN, Jay, MD was a member of the CCHAS Board and Professional Advisory Committee and contributed to Health Perspectives including a letter to the editor Vol. IX, No. 3 February 1983.


EPSTEIN, Joseph was Administrator of the TWUA Health Plan.

FERON, Zita was in the Coalition to Save the Public Hospitals and a staff member of CCAHS who contributed to many Health Perspectives including  Vol. VI., No. 8, Vol. VII, No. 4; Vol. VIII, No. 5, Vol. IX, No. 2 as examples.

FIORE, Florence B. was in the Office for Regional Health Planning, Region II, Public Health Service, DHEW.

FROST, Shelley B. was Research Director, CCAHS.

GANZL, Michael contributed to Health Perspectives, Vol. VI, No. 4.

GIEGER, H. Jack, M.D. was Arthur C. Logan Professor of Community Medicine at the Center of Biomedical Education of the City College of the City of New York.

GIARRIZZO, Frank was President of the Association of Health Care Consumers located in Chicago, Illinois.

GLUCKMANN, Edward T. was a Co-founder, officer, researcher, writer and editor at CCAHS and a health and medical consultant. He worked for Blue Cross, HIP, Long island Jewish Medical Center, the Committee of Interns and Representatives (CIR), Local 222, The Wire Service Guild, The Newspaper Guild and Local 845 I.B T. Ed had a B.A. from CCNY and a M.S. from Columbia University’s School of Public Health.

GOLDMAN, Fred, PhD. was

GOLDSMITH, Frank, M.P.H. (later Dr. PH) was the Director, CCAHS’s Labor Safety and Health Institute. He held faculty positions at several colleges and a consultant at many unions including Director, Occupational Safety and Health Program, New York School of Industrial and Labor Relations (NYSSILR), Cornell University.

GRAD, Frank P. was Professor of Law, Columbia Law School and Director, Legislative Drafting Research Fund.

GREEN, Mickey was the Editor of DC 37 Safety and Health News.

HOLLOMAN, John L.S., Jr. M.D., was the former President of the Health and Hospitals Corporation.

HUNDT, Diane was a graduate student in Health Care Administrationat New York University.

HYMAN, Herbert, H. PhD. was Professor of Social and Health Planning, Hunter College, New York, N.Y.

IGNAGNI, Karen was Director, Employee Benefits Department, AFL-CIO.

JACOBI, John Eric, M.D., M.P.H. was a practicing pediatrician and public health physician who participated in hospital inspection in New York who contributed to Health Perspectives Vol. VI., No. 4.

JONAS, Steven, M.D., M.P.H. was an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Medicine, School of Medicine, State University of New York at Stony Brook who contributed to Health Perspectives, Volume 3, No. 3 August 1978 and Volume VI, No. 4.

LEVENSON, Goldie was  a Statistician/Consultant in the Department of Home Health and Community Health Services of the National League of Nursing and had served on the Advisory Committee on Home Health for Medicare and the State Health Departments of New York and Florida.

LEVIN, Arthur A. was the Director of the Center for Medical Consumers and Health Care Information, Inc.

LEVINE, Louis L. was Corporate Vice President, Public and Government Affairs, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Greater New York.

LIGHT, Harold was President and CEO, Long Island College Hospital.

MACKELL, Dr. Thomas J., Jr. was Senior Vice President, M.D. Sass Associates.

MAICKI, Carol was a Consultant, Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Family Violence and Sexual Assault, Cheyenne, Wyoming. She contributed a letter to the editor in Health Perspectives, Vol. IX, No. 3 February 1983.

MARCHANT, Charlotte was Production Manager of Health Perspectives.

MARMOR, T. J. contributed to Health Perspectives, Vol. VII, No. 6.

MARONE, J. contributed to Health Perspectives Vol. VII, No. 6.

MAZZOCCHI, Anthony was the Sec.-Treas., Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers International Union.

MILLS, Mary was an employee of Multiplan and the Fund Administrator at the New York Times.

MULLER, Charlotte was Associate Director, Center for Social Research, City University of New York.

MUYSKENS, James was Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and author of Problems in Nursing, 1982, and a contributor to Health Perspectives, Vol. IX, No. 3, February 1983.

NAGIN, Deborah, MPH, was a consultant to unions related to worker health and safety on the job, including the United Paperworkers International Union and held several academic positions including Empire State Labor College and NYSSIRL-Cornell University. Deborah was also an active member of NICOSH.

PARSTON, Gregory. Ph.D. was Vice President for Planning at NYS Downstate Medical School and Professor of Health Planning at NYU.

PERLA, George was a former associate insurance examiner in charge of welfare and pension funds for the New York State Insurance Department and C.P. A. and chartered life underwriter.

POPISH, Abraham

PRESS, Toni was a contributor to Health Perspectives including June 1982.

RICHARDSON, Hila was a graduate student and nurse.

ROGATZ, Peter, M.D., M.P.H. was the Senior Vice President of Blue Cross of Greater New York and a contributor to Health perspectives including a letter to the editor in Vo. IX, No. 3 February 1983.

RUBIN, Donald was a former long shore man, welfare fund administrator, consultant and Founder of Donald Rubin, Inc, and Multiplan, Inc. His prior writings addressed issues about the high cost of burials and the struggle to fluoridate water systems in New York State. Rubin was employed by HIP in the Sales and Medical Departments. He Co-founded the Rubin Museum of Art-Himalayan Art with his wife Shelley Rubin and the Rubin Foundation which supported many art projects and medical primary care initiatives and the Music and Memory Program.

RYAN, James was Counsel to Optical Retailers Association.

SEMMEL, Herbert was the Director, Center for Law and Social Policy, Washington, D. C. and President, Consumer Coalition for Health.

SHANKER, Renee, MSW, MPH, was Co-chairperson, Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) and Coordinator of a workers’ compensation project at Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center.

SHNAYER, David H. was President, Nationwide Prescription Drugs.

SHEINKMAN, Jack was President, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, ACTWU.

SIGELBAUM, Harvey was President, Amalgamated Life Insurance Co.

SOFFLE, Denise assisted in the collection of a survey questionnaire reported in Health Perspectives, Vol. IX, No. 5.

STAMM, Joseph was Executive Director of NYSCHRO and later CEO and President of its profit affiliate MedReview.

STEWART, Michael M.D., M.P.H. was Chief, Division of General Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.

STRONG, Leslie, M.D. was a New York City based board certified breast surgeon.

STRUNSKY, Richard was with the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO Rehabilitation Services.

SWEENEY, John J. was the President, Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO.

TERRIS, Milton, M.D. was the Chairman, Department of Community and Preventive Medicine at New York Medical College.

WATERS, George R. Jr. was Administrator of Services for the Central Labor Rehabilitation Council.

WEINERT, Bert was a senior staff assistant in the Office of the Bronx Borough President.

WEINERT, Bertram Alan was the Director of Consumer Education, NY State Attorney General’s Office.

WOLFE, Samuel, M.D., Dr.PH. was Professor of Public Health and Head, Division of Health Administration, Columbia University School of Public Health.

YOUNG, Roxanne was an employee of Multiplan and Assistant Editor at CCAHS. She ran many cost saving and quality programs as Executive Director of Select Faculty, Inc., an affiliate of Multiplan.


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