Speaker’s Panel

In addition to the publications and conferences which were the main work of CCAHS, self -insured management-labor health and welfare funds, health consumer groups and professional organizations invited CCAHS speakers and panelists for their own events. Many CCAHS affiliated staff, board members and volunteers attended those events and all assuredly gave provocative and challenging presentations.

Anticipating that there might be a similar call for a speaker or panelist familiar with the consumer movement and overall political scene since the 1960’s, CCAHS offers a Speakers’ Panel to organizations and individuals interested in having a speaker at their events and telecommunication conference meetings or personal interviews to discuss the creation of CCAHS and its affiliate, the Labor Safety and Health (LSHI), their publications, conferences, the rise of consumerism at the Health Insurance Plan (HIP), the Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), and the Health Systems Agencies (HSA’s), the increase in union involvement to improve workplace safety, and media coverage of CCAHS may contact CCAHS’s Co-founder and former Executive Vice President, Edward T. Gluckmann directly by using our Contact Form.

Inquiries to arrange private consultations about CCAHS’s and LSHI’s application to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges are also invited. All inquiries are treated in confidence.

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