Consumer Health Perspectives Vol. VI No. 2 March 1979

LSHI LOCAL UNION HAZARD CONTROL HANDBOOK (was substituted for this issue of Health Perspectives) (Frank Goldsmith, M.P.H.)

This substitution was filled with important worker safety and health information and included Guides # 7-12 covering OSHA Standards, Noise Control Program, Silicosis and Dust Hazards, Combating Asbestos-Related Diseases; Books, Films, Newsletters For Your OSHA Library; Local Union Cost Savings Program: Screening for Workers’ Compensation Injuries and Accidents; Fall 1977 CCAHS Quarterly OCCUPATIONAL ILLNESS – WORKERS’ COMPENSATION DOESN’T WORK; Controlling Occupational Hazards (Frank Goldsmith, with permission from the Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, V. 32, No. 3 (1977), pp. 106-20.

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