LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS (alphabetically listed by last name.)

BALDINGER, Irving was Senior Vice President, American Benefits Plan Administrators

EPSTEIN, Joseph was the Administrator, TWUA Health Plan.

GLUCKMANN, Edward T. was a Co-founder, officer and editor at CCAHS and a health and medical consultant. He worked for the Committee of Interns and Representatives, Local 222, The Wire Service Guild, The Newspaper Guild and Local 845 I.B T. He previously worked for Blue Cross and HIP. He had a B.A. from CCNY and a M.S. from Columbia University’s School of Public Health.

IGNAGNI, Karen was Director, Employee Benefits Department, AFL-CIO.

LEVIN, Arthur A.  was the Director of the Center for Medical Consumers and Health Care Information, Inc.

LEVINE, Louis L. was Corporate Vice President, Public and Government Affairs, Blue Cross and Blue Shcield of Greater New York.

MACKELL, Dr. Thomas J., Jr. was Senior Vice President, M.D. Sass Associates.

MAZZOCCHI, Anthony was the Sec.-Treas., Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers International Union.

MILLS, Mary was an employee of Multiplan and a fund administrator at the New York Times.

PERLA, George

POPISH, Abraham

RUBIN, Donald was a former stevedore, welfare fund administrator, consultant and Founder of Donald Rubin, Inc, and Multiplan, Inc.. His prior writings addressed issues about the high cost of burials and the struggle to fluoridate water systems in New York State. Rubin was employed by HIP in the Sales and Medical Departments. He Co-founded the Rubin Museum of Art-Himalayan Art with his wife Shelley Rubin and the Rubin Foundation which supported many primary care initiatives as Music and Memory.

RYAN, James, Counsel to Optical Retailers Assoc.

SHNAYER, David H. was President, Nationwide Prescription Drugs.

SHEINKMAN, Jack was President, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, ACTWU.

SIGELBAUM, Harvey, President, Amalgamated Life Insurance Co.

STAMM, Joseph was Executive Director of NYSCHRO and later its CEO and President and its profit affiliate MedReview.

STRONG, Leslie, M.D. was a New York City based board certified breast surgeon.

STRUNSKY, Richard was with the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO Rehabilitation Services.

SWEENEY, John J. was the President, Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO.

WATERS, George R., Jr.

YOUNG, Roxanne was an employee of Multiplan.  She was Assistant Editor at CCAHS. She ran many cost saving and quality programs as Executive Director of Select Faculty, an affiliate of Multiplan.

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