Consumer Health Perspectives Vol. V No. 6 December 1978

Conference II (September 16, 1978): The Impact of Medical Technology on Sickness & Death MAJOR DISEASES OF MODERN AMERICA: WHAT DIFFERENCE HAS TECHNOLOGY REALLY MADE? (David Banta, M.D.); Health Planning: Can it Affect Sickness and Health? (Florence B. Fiore, Dr. P.H.); LEAD POISONING: TECHNICAL FIX FOR A HUMAN PROBLEMS (Joel N. Buxbaum, M.D.); Workshops I-IV; BOOK REVIEW (Frank P. Grad, Esq.)

This issue continues coverage of the CCAHS Conferences on Technology and the Consumer with excerpts of presentations made by invited speakers, all experts in their fields. Also included are articles related to lead poisoning and technology and two book reviews.


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