CCAHS Quarterly



Starting off with a figure of 350,000 American cancer deaths every year in the 1970’s (in the 2010’s the figure is over 580,000 but with improved rates of survival) this Quarterly sought to analysis the issues surrounding cancer. The publication addressed causes, public and individual fears and a description of some of the efforts of the government’s research to find a cure. CCAHS called for a final war on this disease. It was noted that only 10% of the effort went towards worker employment related cancers. That minuscule amount was directed to cancers which accounted for 75% of all cancer deaths in America. Some of the more destructive and unhealthy workplace toxins were described along with their impact on workers. This discussion was followed by a list of seven recommendations to improve efforts and world-wide to reduce workplace induced cancers.

As time passed, one area which CCAHS never fully addressed was the individuals’ role to take care of themselves by primary prevention and not depend on so-called early detection and reactive clinical responses to find cancers. Hindsight seems always so perfect this oversight is understandable for that period but not today. Wellness, a current vogue was not on the table or in the minds of any but the extreme wellness “freaks”.

A quiet but substantial message about the new CCAHS Labor Safety and Health Institute (LSHI) was included along with an announcement of the selection of Frank Goldsmith, Ph.D. as its Director.

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